Software Engineering

Leerkes Engineering is a highly skilled software engineering company specializing in Simatic TIA portal modules such as Basic, Advanced, Networks/HMI.

They offer comprehensive software engineering services, including FBD step programming and human interface programming, which can be achieved with the aid of Simatic TIA portal and Simatic WinCC comfort.

Leerkes Engineering is equipped to handle a range of software engineering tasks, such as:

  • Designing hardware configurations with advanced Siemens PLC controllers and remote IO stations
  • Creating PB or PN network configurations
  • Developing fully automated STEP programs in FBD
  • Designing human machine interfaces (HMI) with WinCC Comfort
  • Simulating and analyzing PLC programs using TIA portal

Leerkes Engineering is fully equipped to meet your software engineering needs, owning both a state-of-the-art workstation and software licenses for TIA Portal Professional V16 and WinCC Comfort V16.

Simatic Totally Integrated Automation Portal v16
Simatic WinCC Comfort v16