Several projects in the Food market have been completed by Leerkes Engineering for different clients (in no particular order):

AMF Bakery System Ltd. Bunschoten

AMF Bakery Systems is a proud member of the Markel Food Group family of companies, which includes Reading Bakery Systems and Solbern. Our combined expertise in a wide range of automated food processing solutions, including soft bread and buns, artisan bread and rolls, pizza and flatbreads, pastries and croissants, cakes and pies, snack foods, as well as food product folding and container filling solutions, positions us as global market leaders. Through our partnership, we can leverage each other’s technologies, best practices, and resources to deliver exceptional value to our customers and help feed the world.

For more information about AMF Bakery Systems and our products, please visit their website:

Leerkes Engineering, in collaboration with a colleague freelancer, has completed the electrical engineering for a bread oven system that complies with the NFPA 79 standard. These activities were carried out remotely with frequent communication with the employees of AMF Bakery Systems.

Reliant Group Ltd.

Reliant Group is a global engineering, service, and commissioning support company that specializes in industrial automation. They offer ad-hoc project support as well as in-house services, including engineering and project realization, to better serve their customers. The company was founded in 2020 by combining the expertise of Dimitri Smoor (Reluctor) and Richard Naber (Prefent) after years of experience in the field of industrial automation. The main objective of Reliant Group is to provide their customers with enhanced support and a broader range of services.

For more information about Reliant Group and their services, please visit their website:

Leerkes Engineering has completed the electrical engineering for a container crane located in the Amsterdam port. Our team replaced outdated components in the control panels with the latest standard. We carried out this work remotely, with frequent communication with Reliant Group’s employees.

In addition, Leerkes Engineering has performed electrical engineering for a Carrot scraper machine, which included thermal, safety, and load balance calculations. We also carried out electrical engineering for a kale collard greens centrifuge machine, including the same calculations and using the 3D tool Eplan Pro Panel to design the panel layout.