Leerkes Engineering has experience/expertise in the following sectors:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Industry
  • Food industry
  • Hi-Tech Machine construction
  • Medical
  • Drainage
  • Public lighting
  • Energy supply

Experience with the following (engineering) tools:

  • Eplan Electric P8
  • Eplan 5.7
  • Yellax Typical Manager 
  • Eplan Eec One
  • Phoenix Contact Clip Project
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Autocad
  • Engineering Base 6.7.1
  • Sistema
  • Pascal Safety Calculator
  • TIA Portal Professional V16
  • WinCC Comfort V16
  • Intelec IS-Kabelnet

Experience with the following activities:

  • Designing/Developing Single Line diagrams
  • Design/development of cable running diagrams
  • Design/development of Loadbalance
  • Circuit calculations
  • Cable + conduit Calculations according to NEC/NFPA 70 Standard
  • Harmonic calculations
  • ARC-Flash (flame arc) calculations
  • Outsourcing/reviewing/Coordinating detail engineering (IEC 60204 and NFPA79 Norm)
  • Process installation Engineering under UL508A/NFPA 70 Standard
  • Process installation Engineering under FM approval Class 1, Division 2 (American EX)
  • Design and defend electric concept at American end customer
  • FAT/SAT decrease at end customer
  • Compose test Plan
  • Low voltage test run according to test plan
  • Concept of medical prototype to be worked out according to IEC 60601 Norm
  • Detailed engineering medical prototype to be worked out according to IEC 60601 Norm
  • Conduct internal investigations into agreements/differences between IEC 60204 and NFPA 79 norm
  • Conduct internal investigations into agreements/differences between IEC 61010 and UL 61010 standard
  • Implementing NEN-EN-IEC 61439 standard at a company
  • Making a safety matrix of a prototype machine
  • Operate in an R&D department.
  • Designing and implementing a standardization/corporate identity in a company

Leerkes Engineering keeps his knowledge and skills up-to-date by regularly following courses and training:

th="300"] IS
O 13849-1Safety of machines[/ca
ption] [caption id="attachment_199" align="aligncenter" width="300"]
VCA – VOLSecur
ity for Operational Leaders

Yellax-Typical Manager
Basis Training

NFPA 79 / UL 5
08AApply design rules
by Dekra Certification

Leerkes Engineering has performed assignments with the following companies.