Benefits Freelancer

The self-employed person is less often sick than the average employee.
The self-employed person is sick two days a calendar year, three times less than the average worker who reports himself ill on average six days a year. This is shown by research carried out by the ZZP Barometer.

The self-employed person is more motivated to carry out his work properly than the average employee.
If a self-employed person does a bad job, it will damage its reputation. As a result, the self-employed will do his utmost to do a good job.

The self-employed person is almost always an experienced craftsman.
Because the self-employed person has worked for many different clients and has worked for a long time for entrepreneurship, the self-employed person is an experienced professional.

The self-employed person usually has their own work station with software license.
Because a self-employed person often has to work independently, it often has its own workstation with its own software. For example, this can be an Electrical engineer with his own laptop with Eplan Electric P8.
As a result, the client does not have an additional license fee.

The self-employed person is enterprising.
Because the self-employed person has a One-Man business as an enterprise, the self-employed person is enterprising.
This has the advantage that the ZPP’er is representative, active, initiative-rich, decisive, responsible, independent and result-oriented.

The self-employed person is more willing to work overtime.

The self-employed person has an all-in rate.
This means that there are no further social burdens and labour costs.

The self-employed person belongs to the flexible shell of a company.
When a client’s order intake decreases, it is easier to get rid of a self-employed person than regular employees.

When the self-employed person gets sick, the client does not have to carry health care.
The self-employed person is responsible for the costs when he/she becomes ill. Often he/she is assured of this.

When the self-employed person makes a serious design error which entails costs, the damage is recoverable on the self-employed person.
The self-employed person is often insured for errors with a Corporate Liability and Professional Liability Insurance.