Recent Projects

Leerkes Engineering completed the following projects at contractors.

Function Control Research Ltd. Groningen

Function Control build carton board and fine paper mill inspection systems. These are Hi-tech systems which works with Vision. They employ about 10 people and they are building their own machines. De machines will be delivered all over the world.

For more information about Function Control, see their website:

Leerkes Engineering has developed and implemented a new Eplan Electric P8 standard and corporate identity for Function Control within the company. In addition, Leerkes Engineering has redesigned, improved and tested all old machines in the new style, such as NEN-EN-IEC 60204, NEN-EN-IEC 61439-1 and NFPA 79. These activities have largely been carried out at home, with multiple has been in contact with the employees of Function Control.

This says the Managing Director, Niels Kleinnibbelink about Leerkes Engineering (dutch):

“Binnen Function Control hadden wij behoefte aan een ervaren en pragmatisch electrical engineer met uitgebreide E-Plan ervaring, die onze standaard van elektrische schema’s naar een hoger niveau kon brengen.

Leerkes Engineering heeft deze wens snel en zorgvuldig ingevuld. Wij hebben Dennis ervaren als een zeer kundig en bekwaam persoon. Dennis heeft veel thuiswerken, gecombineerd met enkele efficiënte en effectieve bezoeken bij ons op locatie, en wij zijn zeer tevreden over het resultaat.”

TELE Besturingstechniek Ltd. Hengelo

TELE Control Technology is a high-quality machine builder at a high level. No challenge is too great for them. They employ about 25 people and build innovative switch and control cabinets for the machine builder. They specialize in the European and American markets and are allowed to certify switch and control cabinets according to UL 508A/CSA.

For more information about TELE Control Technology, see their website:

Leerkes Engineering has carried out a number of projects for TELE Control Technology, in which Leerkes Engineering has produced the electrical schemes independently with Eplan Electric P8. This work has been carried out largely at home where there has been multiple contact with the employees of TELE Control Technology.

This says the company director, Henry Kaptein about Leerkes Engineering (dutch):

(Reference still pending)

Stork Netherlands Ltd. Emmen

Stork Nederland, part of Fluor, is an international technical service provider with a wide range of mechanical and electrical services. Fluor employs around 75,000 people worldwide and is represented in more than 100 countries. Together they work on the most diverse projects every day, for example the renovation of a gas production site, a maintenance stop on a petrochemical plant, construction of an electrical installation and automation on a tank park, repair of a gearbox and the maintenance of an offshore platform.

For more information about Stork Nederland, see their website:

Leerkes Engineering has participated in a tender for the Province of Fryslân, in which 3 bridges in leeuwarden electric and control technical area have been renovated.
Leerkes Engineering has taken on hardware engineering, which was the big challenge of translating the current cutlery into good workable electrical schemes that meet the typicals of Fryslân Province within the tight deadline.
This work has been carried out largely at home where there has been multiple contact with the employees of Stork and Province of Fryslân.

Leerkes Engineering performed the hardware engineering for a concentrate thickening unit of waste processing company Attero B.V. in Wijster. Leerkes engineering has provided the electrical diagrams and the bill of material for this process installation project with the help of a P&ID, IO list and Equipment list.

This says the Manager Engineering, Frank Hoving about Leerkes Engineering (dutch):

“Dennis heeft voor Stork meegewerkt in een project. Hij heeft hierin zelfstandig de hardware engineering uitgevoerd. Dennis was zelfstandig, communicatief en fijn om mee samen te werken. Dit heeft geleid tot een goed resultaat in het project.”

Strukton Systems Ltd. Meppel

Strukton Systems is an all-round international installation company and they initially focus on maintenance and management, applying our high-quality technology, domain knowledge and craftsmanship. With more than 6,500 employees in our various home countries, they account for a sales volume of 1,916 billion euros.

They operate in 3 different markets; Rail systems, Civil infrastructure and Technology and buildings.

For more information about Strukton Systems, see their website:

Leerkes Engineering participated in a tender for the Province of Noord Brabant, in which a bridge in the vicinity of Dinteloord was renovated electrically, control-technically and hydraulically.
Leerkes Engineering has taken on the hardware engineering for which calculations had to be made.

These were calculations such as; integral cable calculations, selectivity calculations, 3-phase short-circuit calculations, cabinet cooling calculations, basement heating calculations, UPS calculations and drawing up an EMC management plan.

These activities were largely carried out at home, with frequent contact with the employees of Strukton Systems and the Province of North Brabant and the engineering firm Witteveen & Bos.

For more information of this project, see a article on the website of Strukton: Technical bridge systems renovated (

This says the Projectmanager, Addie van der Bult about Leerkes Engineering (dutch):

“Wij hebben Dennis ingezet op een bruggen project discipline elektrotechniek.
Binnen dit project was er een grote hoeveelheid aan complexe documenten vereist waar Dennis zich in groepsverband heeft vastgebeten.
We hebben hem als een prettige en vooral als een secure engineer meegemaakt die het maken van extra uren niet vreemd is.
Voor eventuele projecten in de toekomst zullen wij zeker nog beroep op Dennis gaan doen.”

Cleanroom Cranes Ltd. Eindhoven

Cleanroom Cranes B.V. is a part of Mennens B.V. and is located in Eindhoven. They build lifting equipment for countless sectors, but especially for cleanroom applications. These are delivered all over the world.

Cleanroom Cranes approached Leerkes Engineering to test a project against the American NFPA 79 standard. To be able to deliver machines to the USA, they must meet the NFPA 79 standard.

For more information about Cleanroom Cranes, see their website:

Leerkes Engineering has tested a cleanroom portal crane against the NFPA 79 standard, its findings are reported in an English-language report that also contains the recommendations for this portal crane. Leerkes Engineering has also designed a FAT checklist for NFPA 79 on location.

This says the Projectmanager, Partick Brouwers about Leerkes Engineering (dutch):

(Reference still pending)

Vanderlande Industries Ltd. Veghel

Vanderlande is a part of Toyota Industries and is located in Veghel. Vanderlande is the global market leader for future proof logistic process automation at airports, and in the parcel market. The company is also a leading supplier of process automation solutions for warehouses.

The company focuses on the optimisation of its customers’ business processes and competitive positions. Through close cooperation, it strives for the improvement of their operational activities and the expansion of their logistical achievements. Vanderlande’s extensive portfolio of integrated solutions – innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services – results in the realisation of fast, reliable and efficient automation technology.

For more information about Vanderlande Industries, see their website:

Leerkes Engineering has provided support to the R&D department of Airports and Warehousing. This has involved making Electro/Mechanical typicals and analyzing issues. These activities were carried out at home, with frequent contact with the employees of Vanderlande.

This says the Teamleader, Sander Los about Leerkes Engineering (dutch):

(Reference still pending)

Curriculum Vitae

Dennis Leerkes has carried out many projects as an employee of various employers before he started as an independent entrepreneur.
His Curriculum Vitae can be downloaded here.